How to Live a Sustainable Life

How can you live a more sustainable life?  This is the question we are all thinking about but really need to do something about.  It is quite easy to make a major difference by changing simple everyday activities and making informed choices.  Pete Seeger explains it well in this quote. “If it can’t be reduced,Continue reading “How to Live a Sustainable Life”

Container Planting Inspiration

A garden, balcony or doorstep adorned with containers in varying sizes and overflowing with flowers or herbs gives not only aesthetic appeal  but is very practical too.  Container planting is perfect for those with little space offering an opportunity to grow herbs and vegetables right on your doorstep. Types of Containers for Planting Planting inContinue reading “Container Planting Inspiration”

How to Grow Your Own Tea!

  Where do Tea Plants Grow? You can grow your tea outside in the garden, on the porch or in a pot indoors. The Tea Plant otherwise known as Camellia Sinensis is a small tree that produces leaves and leaf buds that can be used to produce tea. The Camellia Sinensis species produces the worldsContinue reading “How to Grow Your Own Tea!”

Cottage Garden Ideas

Garden of Abundance It is so beautiful to wander around a cottage garden discovering all it has to offer in its glory.  You can create your own little slice of heaven by planting the right flowers, herb and vegetable varieties.  Almost any garden regardless of the size can be turned into a cottage style gardenContinue reading “Cottage Garden Ideas”

How can I get rid of garden pests safely?

Bee Friendly Garden Pest Solutions We have created a beautiful garden or vegetable patch but are inundated with unwanted visitors, pests and weeds. What do we do to get rid of weeds and pests without harming the bee’s and butterflies? Most gardeners are well aware of the dangers in using commercial pesticides.  The damage thatContinue reading “How can I get rid of garden pests safely?”