Himalayan Salt Products for Health Benefits.

What is Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan Salt is raw and unrefined with all it’s goodness including 84 trace minerals still intact. This miraculous salt is uncontaminated by chemical process or environmental pollutants and has nothing in common with the table salt. 

The structure of the Himalayan salt is unique and is actually a crystal in form. It stores energy and vibrations that have a positive impact in balancing our bodies.

This pink rock salt does not come from the Himalayas as commonly believed but is sourced from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan.  The location is 300 miles west of the Himalayan Mountains!  The mine has been providing salt for over 2000 years.


What are the Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

The benefits of this pink rock salt are numerous for health, well being and vitality.

 Below is  a list of 26 commonly held beliefs on this miraculous salt.

  1. It regulates blood pressure. 
  2. Helps cells absorb nutrients.
  3. Provides minerals and electrolytes essential to the nervous system.
  4. Improves hydration.
  5. Detoxifies.
  6. Balances the PH level by raising alkaline in your body. 
  7. Improves respiratory system. 
  8. Promotes good blood sugar levels. 
  9. Powerful anti histamine
  10. Supports thyroid and adrenal function to release and regulate hormones. 
  11. Supports the nervous system,
  12. Supports metabolism and digestion. 
  13. Supports nervous system and its ability to communicate throughout the body. 
  14. Supports hormone balance.
  15. Reduces muscle cramps.
  16. Improves inflammatory skin conditions, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema 
  17. Reduces signs of ageing with anti oxidant benefits.
  18. Reduces Asthma.
  19. Increases bone strength.
  20. Aids vascular health
  21. Increases better absorption in the digestive tract. 
  22. Aids weigh loss by balancing hormones
  23. Clears post natal drip.
  24. Recommended for sinus and congestion issues. 
  25. Raises the libido.
  26. Helps with sleep pattern.


Not All Salts Are The Same

Salt gets bad press and quite rightly so when we are talking about table salt. Your standard table salt has undergone a chemical process stripping it of minerals and adding anti caking agents, iodine and in some countries fluoride!   

WARNING  Himalayan Salt does contain SODIUM so AVOID if you have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE OR OTHER ASSOCIATED HEALTH CONDITIONS. E.G. HEART DISEASE.  Always check with your doctor if you are not sure of sodium impact on your condition. 


How can you use Himalayan Salt for it’s benefits?

There are lots of ways to reap the benefits of Himalayan Salt simply,  just incorporate some of the following into your every day life.

  • It can be used on your food as a salt.
  • It can be used as bath salts
  • Detox Slabs for your feet
  • Himalayan block walls 
  • Body Scrubs
  • Salt Lamp.

We will look at these suggestions and the benefits in more

Himalayan Foot Slabs

This seems to be the new kid on the Himalayan block, no pun intended!  These blocks are literally 100% pure Himalayan salt. They are for detoxing, grounding and relaxing via the foot.

Simply heat gently in the oven for a short period just enough to warm the block up.  Sit back, relax and place your feet on the slabs for 15 minutes or so.  Just feel the pains ease after a long day at work.  This will help boost circulation and improve the quality of your sleep.  The energy on the slabs is consistent with the earths energy to will help to balance your body.  How interesting is that!

Go Bare Foot In The Garden

The best way to reduce stress is to spend time in nature – to get grounded go a few minutes walking barefoot around your garden every day.  If you have no garden and can’t get to the park everyday, no excuse!  The Himalayan foot slabs are the perfect indoor answer and can be incorporated into your day with ease.

You can read, watch your favorite show and still have the time to get grounded,  all you need to do is put your feet on the gently warmed slabs.  These are perfect if you happen to own a spa – how good would it be to offer your client an additional service while they are having a pedicure or manicure.  They will be feel instantly more relaxed and have a more enhanced experience.  Share this post with your nail/spa – they will appreciate it.  You can pick these up on Amazon from approx $16 to $18 which is a fantastic price for something that will really help your wellbeing.

What do Himalayan Salt Lamps do?

Why is everyone getting a Himalayan Salt Lamp and what exactly for?

Modern life whilst it comes with the many advantages of technology it also carries with it a lot of disadvantages.  We are surrounded in our homes and our work places with EMF’s.  Electro Magnetic Fields.  What are EMF’S, I hear you say – In lay mans terms it could be described as all the radiation that comes from electrical devices.

What is wrong with EMF’S?

There is a belief that all these modern day devices also emit a lot of positive ions that cause a host of negative biological responses.  For example,  headaches, fatigue, stress, immune problems and some say cancers.  You may have heard of sick building syndrome – well this is what the result is.

himalayan salt lamps for therapy
Just one of a selection available on Amazon, Click Image to Shop

Human beings were not supposed to be surrounded by all this technology but rather living closer to nature.  You do know that cell phone and TV never mind the smart meter and everything else around you is as far from nature as intended.  There is a consequence for this.

We need to get out in nature more and bring as much nature into our homes and work places.  We need to reduce these damaging positive ions as much as we can.  Now to combat all of the onslaught from technology we would have to live as a caveman – I don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon – so what’s the next best thing.

Himalayan Lamps Can Help

Himalayan Lamps are not going to solve this problem but they can help and every little does help!  They emit the negative ions to counteract positive damaging ions – obviously they are not going to be strong enough to completely eradicate your home but as I said every little helps.  Try Peace Lilies too near your computer – they will also aid in the war against EMF’s.

Another advantage of Salt Lamps is helping to clean the air of pollutants,  this is another aid for asthma and allergy sufferer’s. so why not try!

So far we have help reducing our sick homes/work places,  Himalayan salt lamps are cleaning up our air to reduce all that pollen and nasties floating around.  In Japan and other areas of Asia they do know a thing or two about natural health and salt lamps are commonly used.

Now we get to breathing better, sleeping better, performing mentally better, increasing our energy, good gracious what is not to like!

How does it all work,  well if you are like me and really just want to know IF it works or is it all baloney but don’t really want to read all the scientific findings etc,  you know, just get to the point kind of info – well here is the gist of it!

Negative ions restore balance to a more healthy state and Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions – chasing away all those bad positive ones.  The negative ions help protect your health in a number of ways through their cleansing, anti bacterial and mood enhancing properties.  If NASA uses them well that is evidence enough for me!

Apart from all the health benefits and sciencey info- (yes new word) the lamps just look fantastic.  They have a beautiful soft glow and sit nice anywhere, bedroom, desk , lounge, dining table – aesthetically pleasing and beneficial – now what more could you want!  (I know,  one for every room)!

The lamps come in lots of different design so see which you like best,  the fire bowl ones looks amazing too.  The pair pictured above are available on Amazon at $18 which I think is a total bargain.

Salt Inhaler Benefits

The Salt Inhaler is a must for sinus sufferer’s and those that have nasal congestion issues.

  • Combats allergies and sinus problems
  • Naturally improves your health
  •  Alleviating sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath helping to breathe better
  • Helps clear congestion

What is a Himalayan Salt Wall?

The salt slabs or blocks are used to create a therapeutic space which can enhance treatments in Spa’s or indeed in your home.

salt wall slabs
Build your own salt wall for therapy, shop here

Top spa’s all over the world are offering treatments and salt wall sauna experiences are hugely popular.

The healing properties of salt rooms have been recognized for centuries.  Monks in Medieval Times used to take the sick to salt caves so they could breathe in the particles.

You could easily create a beautiful zen room in your home or bathroom and enjoy these benefits easily.  If you are in the Spa business – this is a fantastic opportunity to offer your clients another really beneficial treatment and add to your list of services.  These slabs are available on Amazon.


How to Use a Salt Cooking Block

himalayan cooking block slabs
Himalayan Cooking Block $32 on Amazon

Salt Cooking blocks have become so popular as not only are they a fantastic cooking aid to have in the kitchen but they are also so versatile.  They impart flavour naturally and can be used in a number of ways.

How Do You Use a Salt Cooking Block?

The blocks can be used to heat or slowly cook any number of veg or meats over a slow low heat.  They can be used to keep foods cool also – they just need to be cooled in the fridge first and then can be taken out to aid you outside in the barbecue keeping other foods cool.  Another use for this very versatile block is to use a hot pot stand to protect your counter tops.  With an item this versatile and healthy – surely every kitchen needs one!  I have seen them used as platters and display plates and they look fantastic – think strawberries, cucumbers and other contrasting colors.

Available on Amazon in a variety of sizes and styles

Remember though DO NOT over use salt if suffering from high blood pressure, cardiac problems and other ailments that may be aggravated by salt.  Always ask your doctor’s advice.