Vegan Gifts

Vegan Gift Ideas What to get a vegan for their birthday?  This question comes up over and over from my non vegan friends.  It isn’t that difficult once you know a few ground rules and this article will certainly get … Continue reading Vegan Gifts

What Are Body Butters And Are They Vegan?

Why use a body butter? Read on and then tell me you do not want to get slathering! What next!  You have heard of body lotion, body cream, body oil but there is a new kid on the block,  body butters.  Ok,  so maybe not a new kid,  they have been around but suddenly are gaining in popularity with every cosmetic giant coming out with their version.   Just as the name implies they are gorgeous, rich and creamy, the natural ones which of course are the best are practically delicious but please refrain!   Are body butters vegan?  Not … Continue reading What Are Body Butters And Are They Vegan?