Container Planting Inspiration

A garden, balcony or doorstep adorned with containers in varying sizes and overflowing with flowers or herbs gives not only aesthetic appeal  but is very practical too.  Container planting is perfect for those with little space offering an opportunity to grow herbs and vegetables right on your doorstep.

Types of Containers for Planting

Planting in pots can so add so much variety to a garden of any size and can be a highly effective design element.  Instant color can add beauty and drama to the smallest of spaces.  Take a look at your space and house design and start adding ambiance  to your home and garden.   A  Cottage garden  is ideal for any type of containers mixed and matched in materials.  Modern style architecture tends to be enhanced by matching containers that complement the style of the house.  There are no container planting design rules though so follow your own ideas and enjoy the process.

Window boxes and hanging baskets are a great way to start and then decide where to put your pots.  You can mix up flower pots and herb pots in a cluster for beauty and fragrance – this is a lovely idea right on your door step.

Ideas for Container Planting

Try to combine a combination of plants, one that is the showpiece, one that will spill over the edges and fillers that add colour all season long.  Geraniums look fantastic and are a perfect focal point,  add in the spillers such as petunias and then fill in with smaller leaf plants that will add color all season. Fillers that will enhance your containers include verbenas, wax begonias and salvias.

Another striking feature is to erect a trellis so that you can add a creeping plant or vine.  Consider six plants for a 24 inch container.  You can grow practical vegetables such as peas or a eye catching display such as purple fountain grass.

Short on Space For Growing Vegetable?

One easier but absolutely brilliant option is this Garden tower,  this particular model has been recently cited as “The Worlds Most Advanced Container Garden”, USA made with non toxic plastic, FDA approved dye and is completely manufactured with health, durability and recycling at it’s core,  healthy for your family and the environment. Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower is a rotating composter that grow 50 plants within a 4 square foot space. It easily turns your kitchen waste into organic fertiliser enabling you to grow organic produce.  The process replicates the natural eco system allowing plants to gain vital nutrients through the organic composting process.  The system stands at 6 cubic feet vertically and is soil based and offers a great alternative to hydroponic systems that can be costly.

Size Matters When Choosing Garden Containers

A few helpful points worth remembering is that it is easier to grow in large containers other than in smaller containers.  The reason being the large container contains more soil and will not dry out as quickly as a smaller pot.  You will need to water hanging baskets and small pots in the Summer twice a day to avoid them drying out.

Concrete containers are hardy to be left out in all weathers but bear in mind they are heavy and therefore not always suitable for balconies.  They usually look good in a static position in your garden or pathway.  Another option are plastic pots but always choose the thicker versions as just like the terracotta the thinner materials are prone to break and crack.

Wood barrels are a practical option for planting as they tend to protect the root in different temperatures and look well in any setting.  Avoid metal containers as they do not protect the plant from the changes in temperature.  You can use as a cover pot as talked about earlier.