Do home made masks work?

USA TODAY reported that according to Captain Michael Doyle, an army physician – the N95 mask is the safest mask for health care providers – let us hope that these precious front line workers are able to get these as soon as possible.

The CDC recommends that home made masks are used as a last resort for health care workers as the level of protection against Covid-19 is unknown.  In light of new evidence though the CDC do recommend the general public to wear cloth masks to help slow the virus down.  All former social distancing advice is of course paramount and mask wearing in no way changes this.

How to make your own masks

Follow the guidelines from CDC, scroll down for the video which explains it so simply!

Cloth face coverings can be made from material found around the home and can be used as another voluntary public health measure but remember these alone will not protect you or those around you – it is vital to maintain social distancing and adhering to the governments guidelines.

If you want to buy a few masks already made, Etsy has lots of suppliers that have utilized their craft in helping to supply these masks and you are helping a small business too in these challenging times.

Stay safe, stay apart, stay well.

UPDATE Check out the Garden Tower people for this great home made re-usable mask idea.  They are making durable injection moulded DIY masks for the public and frontline staff.  The packs include 6 masks in sizes small, medium and large x 2 each.  On their website they cite the US navy is using this frame design, you can read further details and buy here .6 Re usable Face Mask Moulds