Home Made Face Masks for Mature Skin

We all want to keep our skin fresh, glowing and healthy.  It is important to look after your body’s largest organ!  Why wouldn’t you, we look after our internal organs but sometimes place less emphasis on our outer organ.  The skin protects all our inside bits so come on – give it some love!

Embrace Aging Naturally!

Aging is natural and should of course be embraced – we are are not looking miracles (ahem).  We don’t expect that suddenly all our wrinkles naturally disappear but we can help our skin to be as healthy as can be.  We can choose glowy dewy skin or crepy dry – which is it to be?  Top notch luxurious ingredients that really work are within an easier reach than you might think.   Making your own skincare puts you in control of what you use guaranteeing that there are no chemicals or other nasty sounding things present.  Your body absorbs at least 60% of what you put on it and it certainly doesn’t need preservatives, fillers and chemically produced fragrance.  Have a look here for the EWG guide on what is in your skincare and what it does.  Don’t fall for all the marketing hype and advertising that we are all bombarded with – you can make safer, better, fresher and more effective products yourself.

Your kitchen is full of glorious and highly effective active ingredients better than any expensive chemically laden brand.  I am talking about ingredients that give a real benefit such as olive oil, avocado, oats, tumeric, apples, strawberries, cumcumber, yogurt to start!  Omega 3, vitamin E and anti oxidant’s are in abundance in your food cupboard – you don’t have to buy expensive creams to access these skin loving ingredients.

Add herbs to skincare and your diet!

To achieve the best results for your skin, approach with a two prong attack against all the free radicals and wrinkle causers!  Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, make sure you use high quality cold pressed oils such as avocado, coconut and olive oil.  Increase the herbs and spices in your diet, add daily to your meals and you will start to see a difference.  Herbs are packed with anti oxidants which is what your skin needs, read the advantages of regularly using herbs here   Drink lots of water, think of a plum – take out the water and it is a prune!  Drink water and herbal teas avoiding sugary drinks – sugar is the skins enemy and a feeder to skin damage.

The Top 12 Kitchen Ingredients for DIY Masks

  1.  Rice
  2.  Turmeric
  3.  Aloe Vera
  4.  Cucumber
  5.  Orange Peel
  6.  Oats
  7.  Yogurt
  8.  Coffee
  9.  Olive Oil
  10.  Avocado
  11.  Honey
  12.  Banana

Anti Aging Masks that take two minutes or less to make!

Some of the best ingredients for making masks are the basic ones that you will have already.  All have a specific part to play in making the perfect mask for your needs.  Here are a few quick easy to make mask ideas to get you started, two minutes or less and fresh active ingredients!

Banana with Rosewater helps with uneven pigmentation and is rich in Vitamins E and A.

Coffee and olive oil not only smells divine but is a treat for the skin,  this blend is great for bringing the circulation to the skin enhancing healing and cell rejuvenation.

Avocado and honey are a perfect combo with the rich anti oxidants of the avocado and healing properties of the honey.

Oats and avocado work well together also aiding calming and exfoliation.

Rice water is full of flavonoids helping tighten and tone the skin,  just soak a face cloth with premade holes for your eyes and nose.

Tumeric mixed with yogurt is a perfect mask to address inflammation, it is anti bacterial and packed with anti oxidants,  brightens and helps with skin pigmentation.

Aloe Vera with a little lime or lemon helps fight wrinkles at a deeper level,  healing and cell regeneration.

Cucumber with a little lemon has cell rejuvenating properties keeping the skin fresh and clear.

The white of the orange is packed with vitamins and is useful blended down with rosewater for combating wrinkles.

All of the ingredients can be mixed and matched , they all are active and benefical.  Olive oil is a great mixer and has so many skin health benefits as does avocado oil.

How long do you leave a mask on for?

10 to 20 minutes for most masks.  Find somewhere to relax, lie back and let all those fantastic Mother Nature skincare hacks get to work!  Gently wash off and apply a natural moisturiser or serum in upward strokes.  You can use a different recipe each time,  use what is easily available and keep feeding your face literally!