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Ways I am getting rid of migraine!

You don't have to suffer

This is how I am getting rid of my migraines at last and how you could possibly do the same.  At the minute they are reduced by fifty percent and that is progress!

Note:  If you don’t want to read my long post, scroll down to the bottom to get the solution to your migraines faster! I love to write about this, it is cathartic!

For years, too many years I have suffered with debilitating migraine.  First – it was that headache in the background but still being able to pretty much function.  ” Shhh kids,  I have a headache” became far too common and I felt so guilty. Over the years the migraines became more frequent and severe progressing to having to go to bed maybe three days a week!  I could not function in the way I wanted in business or more importantly in my home.

I knew it was hereditary as my father and brothers all were migraine sufferers but I eventually knew I needed to figure out WHY?

Doctor Appointment

The doctor smiled when he saw me sitting in his office with 3 kids under 4!   It’s normal and most mum’s probably had a headache from time to time!   That was in hindsight not the best advice!

So I left the doctors office and just put my daily headaches down to the everyday life and my genes!  It is actually crazy what you get used to living with and how it all does become too normal.

Dentist Visit

Things got worse, the headaches over the years increased in intensity and frequency.  The symptoms all suggested sinus problems.

I always had a stack of sinus inhalers, sinus med’s and every alternative sinus treatment in my bathroom.  I couldn’t understand though why they never worked!

My doctor frequently sent me to my dentist,  “maybe it is your upper dental work,  have it checked”.  Off I would go to my dentist to be told my upper dental work was fine!  At this stage I was at the end of my tether and going round in circles!  The dentist did do an Xray and said my nerves were extremely close to my sinus cavities so this backed up the sinus theory!

The pain was now focused around my one cheek and over my eye and the sinus meds were not working.  “Ok, you need to go and see a sinus expert with a view to having a procedure” said my doctor.  At last!  Maybe there would be light at the end of the tunnel and I can get this sorted once and for all!

The Consultant’s Office

After quite a wait I got my ENT appointment.   At this stage my headaches or cheek aches were a daily occurrence.   I had given up any form of social life as I kept having to cancel plans.  After letting the same couple down 3 times in a row, I just stopped making arrangements.

My kids too were feeling the impact,  plans to go out for the day,  every holiday – I had some sort of horrendous sinus infection (or so I thought).  The headaches took over my entire life,  I was now vomiting and having to go to bed maybe 3 days a week.

The guilt I had when I could hear my children down stairs whilst I just pushed in my head into the pillow to try and alleviate the pain.  I usually cried also,  depression was slowly but steadily creeping.  I really don’t think people realize the impact of chronic migraine,  it is not just a headache!

Wrong Diagnosis

The day came after months of waiting.  I walked into the consultants office and within 5 minutes he told me I did not have a sinus issue, they were perfect.  You have “MID FACIAL MIGRAINE” and that is why the sinus med’s don’t work!  He went onto explain that this was quite a recent discovery and that out of half of the people going for sinus operations, only half got relief.  The reason he said was the wrong diagnosis.  They never had sinus issue but mid facial migraine!

I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh!  One part of me was angry that it took so long to get a proper diagnosis, I had seen different doctors over the years in the doctors office – why didn’t one think about migraines!

Treatment Option Offered

The consultant give me the only options available in our area and that was to go on preventative medication – beta blockers and epilepsy meds were apparently used for this.

I politely refused.  The consultant reiterated that I needed to go on this medication to improve my quality of life and yes I certainly did need to improve my quality of life and everyone around me but I needed a chance to try and treat the migraines naturally first.

I had stuck it out so long,  another couple of months were not going to make that much difference if it mean’t I didn’t have to take this preventative medication.

For years the doctors had treated me for sinus issues and I had too so I needed the opportunity to explore why I got migraines and could I reduce or get rid of them before going down the drug route.

Note,  I am not anti medications,  it can save and enhance lives and Thank God for it!  I do take sumatriptan when I really have to.  I cut back on this to stop re bounder headaches.

My Top Migraine Factors

  • Hereditary,  my father and brothers suffered migraines. My headaches were more mid cheek and not my head so that threw me on this one!
  • Stress is a very obvious one also.  I can actually feel the headache starting as soon as I am dealing with a stressful situation.
  • Clenching my teeth when I am sleeping especially if I am stressed,  even slightly stressed.
  • Food,  not eating regularly and food intolerances.

These were very obvious and that I could maybe deal with.

There was nothing I could do with the hereditary aspect,  but I could try with the rest.

My Action Plan

Stress is certainly a major factor so I try not to let things out of my control give me a headache anymore!

I have deepened my faith and handed stressful situations over to God and have actually felt that really helping.  Lifting the burden and asking him to my partner in solving issues.

My husband and family are wonderful and very supportive but there are certain situations that require a little divine intervention!  A little tip – someone said to me that we have the habit of asking God to help us at say 10 am and if he hasn’t sorted it at 10.30 am we take it back!  True,  so learning to have more patience and being a little more mindful does help.

Food!  During my migraine research, gluten came up over and over.  I always knew I couldn’t handle wheat,  it immediately would have me buckled over in muscle spasms so I decided to do an intolerance test.  Sure enough there it was among the many many intolerances I seem to have!  Yeast, salt and butternut squash were among them!

I cut out everything on the intolerant list overnight.  It was very hard but it had to done!  These headaches affect everyone in the family and that is motivation.

Food Allergies and Intolerances Get my Test Now

Fixing your Migraine

I have just started a supplement also called Dolovent as I am coming at these migraines from every angle!  The supplement has the correct dosage of magnesium, riboflavin and CoQ10 formulated for migraine.  The reviews are great on this and for me it is well worth the money as I miss so many productive days.  UPDATE  I reduced the dose by 50% as I feel it is quite high and I am always careful.  UPDATE 2  After one month I take these only once per week.

Remember though CHECK with your doctor to make sure any supplement you take does not interfere with current medication or existing conditions.

BREATHE,  yes breathe!  Sometimes we actually do forget to breathe correctly!  We need to get the oxygen into our lungs and breathe out the carbon dioxide properly.  Just become mindful of this,  basic, but I cannot believe what I have discovered with my own breathing pattern.  We tend to hold our breathe and not breathe deep enough when stressed and this makes those neck muscles tense.  You know what tense neck muscles can lead too!


I kept the diet up for about 6 weeks and during that time I had NO noteworthy headaches,  nothing that stopped me from getting on with everyday life.  I felt FANTASTIC and lost weight, my head felt clear and not foggy.  My eyes didn’t feel like marbles and I felt energised, the healthiest in years!  It also inspired me to get walking again as I was feeling well enough to do so!

BUT,  like an addict I fell off the wagon and had that little piece of toast, ” that won’t do me any harm” I assured myself.    The guidance lines are to introduce your intolerant foods back into your diet after six weeks.  First few slices were fine but then came the biscuits or cookies depending where in the world you are!

All those things that I shouldn’t be having slowly made there way back into my diet and then it all started again!

The headaches, the vomiting, the sore eyes, the cancelling of plans, the feeling terrible, the guilt!  This must be how an addict feels,  taking something that you know is harmful but thinking it will be OK and before you know it, rock bottom.

Rock Bottom

Last week after a full week of migraines I sat crying in my doctors office.  “Look at you she said, you need to take this medication.”  I had every intention of doing so,  that is why I went there in the first place but sitting in that office my stubborn self said No, ” I have to try again”.  The doctor pretty much rolled her eyes – she felt my intolerance test was quackery.  I know it isn’t though and I knew I just need to get more disciplined and stay strong.

I had the proof that the diet worked,  I needed to stay on top of it and have other choices in my fridge so that I didn’t reach for something on the forbidden list!

So here I go again,  I have every intention of sticking to this diet this time,  I have to.  I know I am lucky and can change my well being so I have to do this.  I dramatically decreased my headaches with my new diet so it is worth it!

My heart goes out to all you sufferer’s as I know how it can affect your lives and your mental health.  Keep striving to find your triggers, try to eliminate them and get that intolerance test done.

Get rid of those migraines, don’t feed it, do the test and take action. Get my Test Now

Exercise, even just go walking EVERYDAY, you can find that 20 minutes, FIND IT!

Fill your lungs with air,  BREATHE and be MINDFUL of your breathing!

RELAX, take time for yourself,  it is not selfish.  You need to look after yourself so you can look after your family.

PRAY,  hand over your stresses and worries to God and if you haven’t discovered him yet,  go do it!

JOURNAL,  This has been one of the best ways to get rid of migraine for me!  I noticed that my face and jaws were painful every morning and that I was obviously clenching.  That put pressure on my temples and definitely helped to get those migraines going.  I started writing down my thoughts and worries in a prayer fashion EVERY night before I put my head on the pillow – I talked about my concerns and asked for God’s help.  I thanked God for all that I had, my family, food, roof over my head.  I know not everyone has faith but if I am writing about my migraine experience I have to mention mine because it is a vital part of my migraine reduction.


We are a couple of week into my new diet,  it is hard but only because I am not organised enough!  I must stress the importance of having the right foods in your fridge and not eight miles away in the Supermarket!  PLAN your meals and buy the ingredients and that will stop you falling off the bandwagon by eating whatever is in the fridge and taking those risks.

There are so many triggers for migraine so it is a case of trial and error but if you can identify even one and work on that – your migraines will reduce.