How to Build a Garden Shed and Make Garden furniture.

Learn to woodwork properly with thousands of plans and ideas.Learn woodworking from the one of the best in the business.The Ultimate Woodwork Resource.If you want to simply build a garden seat or maybe be really adventurous and build a garden shed, a new bedroom suite, a fantastic wooden family kitchen table – it is all here.  This is the number resource I recommend.
Ted McGrath is a master craftsman, an educator, author and all round expert in woodworking – he literally takes you by the hand step by step from your idea to your final masterpiece.  No guessing on measurement, everything is made plain and simple eliminating any stress!

Ted McGrath Woodworking Resource – It’s the number one guide across the world for a reason!

My husbands big idea!

My husband told me a few days ago: “I want to build my own shed.”  “Really?” I asked, with a slight raise to the eyebrow!

Now, believe me, my husband is quite handy but,  building a shed?

Memories of him trying to put our daughter’s doll house together came flooding back and never mind the flat pack furniture over the years,  you know those plans they send which according to my husband were always wrong and they never included enough screws etc…..

“So you want to build your own shed” I said,  “Are you sure?”

The Questions Asked!

Is it cheaper to build your own shed?

  • How much does it cost to build a garden shed?
  • Do you need planning permission to build a garden shed?
  • Where do you get plans or designs to build your own shed?
  • Is it harder to build your own shed?
  • Where do you start to build a garden shed?
  • How long will it take you to build a garden shed?

I think I will build a man cave was his answer!

So off he went googling to research where to begin.  Now my husband is a bit of a perfectionist so he did read lots of reviews, watched endless youtube videos but kept coming back to the first guy he found Ted McGrath.  Ted seemed to totally measure up (no pun intended!)

The best wood working resource out there!

The reason this company stood out was the sheer detailed instructions on how to build your own shed or whatever wood work project you decided on.

You are taken step by step from the beginning to the end result.  The choice of shed floor plans and woodwork designs are fantastic.

This resource not only has 16000 designs, plans and ideas to choose from but the winning factor with Ted’s plans compared to the numerous other companies is Ted McGrath!

Who is Ted McGrath and how can he help?  Is he going to come around?

Well No,  but this guide to build your own shed and the plans to build your own shed were created and overseen by Ted.

Ted’s credentials include the fact that he a professional wood work crafter and an educator on the subject.  You are learning from one of the best out there and someone that knows what he is talking about. This guy lives and breathes wood work!

No Hired Help Required!

Following Ted’s plan you WILL NOT have to hire anyone to build it for you and you will be shown how to do it in the shortest time possible.

Build a garden play house or a man cave or maybe you want to start with a bench or table?   This is the place for complete plans and direction.  No wasting time googling “how to” videos when you get stuck as that won’t happen with this fantastic resource.

Why is this the best woodworking guide?

The difference is the guide and plans were written by Ted  and not some ghost writer that couldn’t tell the difference between a hammer and chisel and probably never put foot in a garden shed!

I am not being cynical but that is how a lot of companies work these internet days,  they ship out the writing to someone else because it is cheaper or because writing is not their thing.

Ted on the other hand is a certified master woodworker –  an expert in woodworking in all it’s forms, he has penned numerous books on the subject and is an educator.  Ted is the real deal, a man with experience.

To write a manual and craft plans properly only comes with hands on experience and teaching the craft to others.

Building a shed is an expense so you do not want to make any mistakes.  Ted takes you literally by the hand, step by step so that you cannot make a mistake but can create your own masterpiece that you and your family can enjoy for years,  think of that satisfaction!

Detailed Plans For All  Your Woodwork Projects.

How do you find detailed plans to build custom projects?  This is the number one question woodworkers and anyone taking on a project are faced with. Frustrating isn’t it!

Ted’s Woodworking Plans are the perfect way to overcome these obstacles. Building a garden shed,  how to make custom garden furniture – seats, benches, chairs and plans for picnic tables are all covered in detail

A lot of step by step guides found in magazines or online leave out important information under the assumption that you would know that anyway,  they forget the whole reason you are following their instructions in the first place!

Why are Ted’s Plans Easy To Follow?

Ted McGrath”s wood working plans all include pictures,  that is pictures that actually are specific to whatever he is teaching (a lot of manuals don’t do this). Cut sheets are also included so no guessing.

For 25 years Ted studied the problems in the industry and came up with the solutions,  putting together a collection of comprehensive wood working plans.

On Ted’s wood work website solutions for various woodwork problems and finding the right plans for different projects are all available.  The site has over 16,000 projects,  all with  step by step blueprints enabling you to create and build your dream projects.  You can access a variety of plans for different projects to keep you busy creating.

Beginner friendly and plenty of plans for the more experienced to get stuck into!

If you are a complete newbie to wood working or if you have experience you will find a plethora of helpful hints and tips.

What is included in Ted Woodwork Resource

  • Easy to follow step by step instructions,  holds you by the hand instructions that assist you to get the project completed
  • Material and cutting lists
  • Sharp, colourful and detailed schematics.
  • The plans give you all angle views showing every intricate detail for every joint, angle and corner
  • Various plan lists 16000+ .
  • Every month new FREE plans.

For every level of expertise, beginner through to professional (you will be like a professional when you get started).

What Tools Do You Need For Woodwork?

You do not need a workshop full of expensive tools.

The only downside to Ted’s wood working is the sheer amount of plans, thousands of them!   They do take a little time to download if your computer speed is slow,  not a bother if your speed is fast though.

I would recommend the dvd pack, yes you will have to wait for the delivery – no big deal though unless you want to get started tomorrow!

Ted’s plans are used in thousands of wood work and joinery workshops by professionals.  This enables craftsmen to offer custom project services to their customers. The resource make this so much easier and opens up more opportunities in the workshop.

Ready To Get Creating?

Thousands of woodworkers and joiners are using his plans to create some absolutely fantastic pieces,  so whats keeping you?  Don’t procrastinate,  get busy with the hammer,  no better way to chill out and make your own masterpiece too.

Working with wood is beneficial for the mind so make the most of the health benefits.

Take advantage of the special offer over on his site,  here’s the link.  Happy creating!

The Resource

Woodwork with your kids project- light bulb moment!

I was thinking last night after I had penned this article that it would be a fantastic project to do with your kids.   We all know we need to introduce ways to get them off social media!  The experience of creating something really positive that they can feel proud of.  This not only builds a wooden masterpiece but self esteem too.

I know a lot of teenagers would certainly need a lot of cajoling but maybe it could be a gym room, or a girls den or even what my teen daughter wants  – her own space where she could run a little business doing nails in her spare time.

If your child is introduced to a fantastic hobby like this when they are young,  it will be so beneficial.

What Will You Make?

You can build furniture, learn how to make seats, how to make garden benches,  it isn’t all sheds!

Make your own Rocking Chair,  how cool would that be,  a family heirloom!

How about a really nice swing, a garden bench or a toy box?  The possibilities are endless!

Talking of business ideas these sheds can make fantastic beauty salons or creator studios. Get your thinking cap on,  it doesn’t have to be just somewhere for the lawn mower!

There are lots of fantastic spaces to be created using the design templates – for example

  • Build a shed for a beauty salon.
  • How to build a shed for gym
  • Designs to build a girls den
  • Teens outside den ideas
  • How to build a man cave
  • and just when we are at it –  building a mom chill out room!
  • My nephew has just popped into my head – he would love this for his band practice!

Building a garden shed really is adding another functional room to your home.

Get Going and I hope it brings you many years of happiness and great memories!