Ideas to keep you busy indoors!

Spring Clean!

De-clutter!  Yes, get all Marie Kondo, decluttering is good for the mind as well as your space.  Start with one room at a time, take a deep breath and get stuck in.  Books, clothes, ornaments, stationery, drawers, cd’s, videos even!

Organize your photographs!  All those boxes of photo’s from the days when we actually got our pictures printed and didn’t lose them on a laptop somewhere!  Try and put your photos into some sort of order, create space by getting rid of random pics that have no meaning – we all have them,  a sky or a hedge somewhere for some reason.

Go through that big box you have of STUFF and keep only what is important!


Grow Vegetables on Your Doorstep!

Garden Tower Project
Grow 50 different plants in a 4 foot sq area!

The Garden Tower is a genius way to grow fifty different organic vegetables within a limited space.  This system uses kitchen waste for organic fertilising so you can grow nutritious healthy vegetables for all the family.  No space is no reason not to grow your own as all this needs is a 4 foot squared area!  Getting into nature is one of the healthiest ways to improve our well-being but we can also bring nature to us.  It is easy to grow herbs in containers on your doorstep or how about some bright and beautiful flowers.  You can grow herbs, flowers and vegetables together for a beautiful, effective display.

Watching your own efforts grow into edible food or beautiful flowers is always good for our well being.  Planting and growing is a perfect project for kids to learn about nature, self sufficiency and the eco system.  Try and incorporate a little of the outside world into your home and benefit all the family.  You can go small or go fantastically big with this Garden Tower Project which is such a treat just to look at never mind the endless benefits from all those plants, herbs and flowers.


Learn How To Sew!

There has never been a better time to learn how to sew – Home Sewing Depot have some fantastic reHow To Sew Home Decor @ HomeSewingDepot.comsources on their websites and free video tutorials showing you step by step how to create home furnishing.  Home Sewing Depot have everything you need in the one place from patterns to tools and materials.  They are available to chat and answer your queries to help you in this new venture.  Imagine creating your own curtains, blinds, bed linen, table wear – get started now and you can start on Christmas present ideas for your family and friends!

Sewing like any other craft is not only a wonderful skill but a great tool in dealing with stress and anxiety.


The Benefits of Crafting on Your Mental Health

In a study of more than 3500 knitters published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 81% with depression reported feeling “happy” after knitting and over half reported feeling “very happy” after the activity.

Here are a few reasons why we all should take up some form of crafting whether it be sewing, scrap booking, knitting or painting.  Find one that suits you and give it a go,  you are gaining a skill but more importantly you are benefiting your mental health.

  • Stress Reduction.  We all know that stress is a major health problem and can lead to lots of different medical issues including migraines, blood pressure, memory loss and heart conditions.  Infact stress can be attributed to worsen the effects of any illness.  Crafting can help reduce stress by relaxation and meditative means, less stress better health. Repetition of any craft releases serotonin which is a natural anti depressant leading to improved anxiety levels and moods.
  • Self Esteem.  Thinking about, planning and creating your project can raise your self-esteem.  To have a finished product can give you a real sense of achievement and confidence that will spill over into other areas of your life.  Developing a new skill will give a feel good factor that you will want to replicate.
  • Helps the Battle of Dementia.  Studies have shown that crafting keeps the brain active and can delay age related conditions such as dementia.  In a study at the Mayo Clinic dementia was reduced by at least 50% in a knitting study, the study showed that crafting can be neuro protective.
  • Sleep Patterns.  Crafting before bed can help regulate your sleep pattern if you are suffering from insomnia.  The repetive actions involved in the craft will help calm down the mind and body in preparation for bed.  Studies have shown a sleep improvement in 100% of participants in a study with 90% eliminating any need for sleep medication.
  • General Relaxation.  Crafting is a great way to settle a grumpy feeling and out of sorts mood that we can all encounter.  Lock down can of course increase irritablity and boredom but having a hobby helps keep your mood in check which is good not just for you but all around you!
  • Social.  Starting a new hobby or craft will introduce you to more people that have the same interest.  This helps in times of social isolation or general loneliness.  There are numerous blogs, facebook pages and forums on any given craft, a place where you can share ideas and talk about your crafting issues.  There are community groups locally also so that you can get out to meet people and have some human contact, this is vital for mental health also.

    Personalised Craft Projects & Digital Art Inspro
    Personalised Craft Projects & Digital Arts Inspro
  • Stressful Events.  Crafting can help you deal with life’s stressful events, grieving, job loss, divorce or any of the other curve balls that come our way.  Immersing yourself in your craft can help alleviate the pain you are going through with distraction and also the release of endorphins.

Now you can see some of the benefits of crafting, what is stopping you!  Not only will you have a great new hobby that allows you to create your own little master pieces, develope new skills, meet new people, keep your brain active, help with sleep and stress and allows you to meet new people!  Crafting does not have to be expensive, there are loads of options that allow for everyone’s budget,  get crafty and enjoy!



Now you have a nice clear area you have loads of space to exercise.  You will find any style that suits you on You Tube from Hiit to Pilates and everything in between!  Find a few channels you like, subscribe and get moving.

Exercise is SO important for your mental health as it is releasing the feel good hormone that will help keep you feeling well and able to cope with the challenges of being cooped up in the house.

A rebounder is a great way to keep fit for all the family,  check this one out on Amazon.  this one is the Maximus Life Bounce & Burn folding rebounder for adults.  It comes with a workout DVD, video membership and optional handle.  There is no assembly required which is what I like to hear!  It takes up to 120 kg in body weight.  This is a great way to burn off stress and calories, tone and strengthen muscles and have a bit of fun too.  It comes with a full warranty and great customer support.  Click the image for more info. or to buy.

Invest in a set of weights.  These dumbbells are easy to grip, well made and just what you need to tone those muscles.   There are lots of variations on Amazon so choose what suits you best.  This particular brand have a range of colours and weights from 0.5kg to 5kg.  These are great for your aerobic workout, strength and HIIT workouts.  Go for a run with the weights adding the extra calorie burning intensity.  Toning muscles in your arms will aid you in other areas for example,  guitar playing, knitting, whatever your hobby is!  I bet you didn’t really think of that!

More Craft Ideas

Here is a idea that normally doesn’t spring to mind!  Paint stones!  I have just come across this on Amazon whilst looking for interesting ideas!  So simple but a great idea for the kids too.

I love the rhinestone picture ideas also, there are some fab ones available from nature to Marilyn Monroe,  these will certainly keep you busy!

Paint by numbers!  Make your own jewellery,  there is a craft for everyone,  go and explore.  Click the images for Amazon.