What Are Body Butters And Are They Vegan?

Why use a body butter? Read on and then tell me you do not want to get slathering!

Why use a body butter? Read on and then tell me you do not want to get slathering!

What next!  You have heard of body lotion, body cream, body oil but there is a new kid on the block,  body butters.  Ok,  so maybe not a new kid,  they have been around but suddenly are gaining in popularity with every cosmetic giant coming out with their version.   Just as the name implies they are gorgeous, rich and creamy, the natural ones which of course are the best are practically delicious but please refrain!   Are body butters vegan?  Not all body butters are vegan but most are.  You just need to make sure there is no lanolin or honey which are two ingredients that can possibly be found in the non vegan brands.   If you are buying on Amazon or online it is usually stated clearly in the product description so a quick vegan search but also take the time to read the ingredients on the search results – just to make doubly sure!

So What are Body Butters and what do they do?

Body Butters are heavy duty body moisturisers that really pack a punch.  They contain more oil based ingredients than body lotion which carries a higher water content and are lighter.  Lotions are great for a light moisturise but if you really want your skin to feel luxuriously drenched  then the body butters are the way to go.  Normally the butters are whipped to give a lighter feel but still containing all those mighty ingredients.

So what is in these body butters that are going to deliver results?

Here are a few of the most popular ingredients and a little synopsis of what they do.

Shea Butter contains collagen producing essential fatty acids and nutrients. including vitamins A, E  and F .   Soothing, healing. rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory, anti -ageing and moisturising are just a few of the benefits of this luxurious butter.  Shea butter has 60% fat and is highly emollient but the magic of this wonderful ingredient is it’s ability to penetrate the skin’s barrier – and not just sit on the top layer.  This enables the skin to absorb more of these skin loving nutrients, now doesn’t that just make you feel good!  I LOVE knowing that a product or ingredient actually does something other than sit there!  Did I mention Shea butter has a SPF also – it factors in around 6.  It is a well kept secret that Shea butter is very useful for lightening discolouration or pigmentation and the beauty of it – excuse the pun – it will not block your pores so it can be used on the face.   Shea butter can be found in numerous beauty products but always opt for the products that contain raw or refined – the reason being the  most important nutrients can lose a lot of their value if they are chemically processed.   This butter is made from the nut of the shea tree native to Africa and  is a great source of income for a lot of the ladies in the villages which is another great positive of this little little but mighty nut!


Mango butter,  it even sounds lovely!  Rich in Oleic Acid, Vitanin A , Vitamin C and Vitamin E,  Stearic Acid, Linoleic Acid.

Kokum Butter,  this is great for dryness and in particular cracks in the feet.  It contains garcinol which has a lot of anti’s in it!   Antibacterial  aantioxidant and anti inflammatory!

These gorgeous butters all contain skin rejuvenating, healing and anti ageing properties and are a force to be reckoned with in combating dry skin conditions but also totally luxurious to use.  It is just so wonderful loving the aroma, the benefits and knowing what you are covering yourself in is totally natural and void of any chemical nasties.  I repeat this because it is so important but remember 60% of what you apply to the body is absorbed!  Always try to use the natural alternative in all your skincare and makeup choices.

How to apply your body butter.

I suggest a nice warm shower or bath and just before you are completely dry and the skin is still warm,  get slathering!  The warm skin will help all those gorgeous nutrients be absorbed that little bit quicker.  Pat yourself a little dry but not completely and apply your body butter always massaging towards your heart.  Pay particular attention to dry areas such as heels, elbows and knees.

I always advise you are standing on a towel or mat if you are giving your feet a good old rub otherwise the floor may will be slippery, (put on socks or slippers before you walk,) be careful!
So there you have it,  a quick intro to Body Butters ,  click  the image if you feel like indulging in our recommendations.  All available on Amazon.

Nourishing, Organic, Beautiful
Organic Rose & Peony whipped Body Butter
Glamour in a jar!
Glimmer, Golden, Gorgeous Body Butter
Whipped Shea Butter
Whipped Shea Butter, Rich, Creamy, Moisturising