Vegan Gifts

Vegan Gift Ideas

What to get a vegan for their birthday?  This question comes up over and over from my non vegan friends.  It isn’t that difficult once you know a few ground rules and this article will certainly get you off in the right direction.  Take the time to read it fully – you might be surprised and possibly a little shocked!

Best Gift Ideas for Vegans

Vegans generally like the exact same as anyone else only in the vegan version!   Chocolate, perfume, handbags, skincare are all readily available on Amazon in the vegan category.  It is easy – don’t stress!


What exactly is Vegan?  Is vegan the same as vegetarian?

Well not quite – the difference being:

Vegetarians do not eat any poultry, meat or fish, vegans take it further by eliminating milk , anything made from milk and eggs.

Vegans do not eat, wear or use any product derived from an animal or creature.

A lot of these vegan NO’s exist in the least suspecting place so I have complied a guide to help you make the right buying choice for your vegan friend.

Read the section on what not to buy to be super informed!

You will be surprised and probably shocked at what actually goes into some of the most popular perfume and aftershave brands!

From chocolate to skincare we help to navigate you in the right direction to finding the perfect gift.  Kitchen appliances are high on the wish list too,  think Spiralizers, Crock Pots and Slow Cookers – most vegans love to cook and are quite adventurous in the kitchen so kitchenware is a great option.

Gift buying can be stressful enough never mind adding the vegan element but don’t worry these choices are perfect.  I am a vegan and any of these would make me very happy!  So no wandering around trying to find just the right thing,

Vegan Chocolate, vegan cheese, vegan perfume!

Amazon have a great selection of gift ideas for vegans from chocolate to perfume and even shoes.  What about making up a hamper to make it more personalized?  You could focus on the food element with all the vegan choices to choose from or buy one of the numerous ready made gourmet chocolate hampers or snack boxes.  They are filled with a fantastic variety – you may want one yourself!    There are lots of options to choose from here Delicious Vegan Hampers – buying for your vegan friend is easy when you know how!

Another idea is to create a lovely skincare or spa experience hamper.  You can create your own – buy a pretty box or basket and add scented candles, vegan bath bombs,  vegan body lotion, pretty organic face cloths, eye mask – the ideas are endless.  You can also buy a ready made hamper Vegan Skincare Sets – lots of inspiration!



Every one loves a bath bomb and there are so many choices out there.  A bath bomb should be a beautiful sensory experience.  You can choose organic, 100% natural, infused with essential oils and suited to age or skin types.  They just smell beautiful too and really infuse the bathroom adding to that spa like atmosphere.  Do try and choose the natural varieties as they are so much better for the skin and void of any nasties.  Your skin absorbs 60% of what goes onto it so always choose natural.  To get inspro – here you go! Vegan Bath Bombs


My Vegan Skincare Gift Recommendations

I love this hamper Ora’s Herbal Skincare, all natural, vegan and no parabens.  It is formulated with gorgeous effective ingredients packed with vitamins – a real tonic for the skin. Rose hip, hibiscus, sea buckthorn, evening primrose, pomegranate are just some of the premium ingredients to be found in this luxury brand.  This is a wonderful indie company that really cares about the quality of the products and their customer.  Ticking another box is the fact that their beautiful packaging is recycled.  Ora’s sell individual products too so that is also an option depending on your budget. Ora’s Collection


Gifts for the vegan man

Lots of Vegan Man Ideas Here!

Amazon have lots of inspiration, here a a couple pf my favourites.

I love this Company!  It is another Indie brand that is now selling all over the world. Brickell Mens Skincare is owned by two brothers that wanted to create a high performing natural mens skincare brand using only potent effective ingredients that deliver results.  Items can also be purchased as individual products and are available for all skin types.  Men have skin issues too and this is a great brand to get them started or to change to.  Another great vegan gift idea for the man in your life is this fantastic Vegan Wallet,  it is handmade and precision stitched to last for years.  The wallet is available in a variety of colours too and for the quality and craftmanship the price is fantastic.  Have a look at this luxurious Italian designed travel drop down Toiletry Bag  It just has luxurious written all over it but yet so well priced.  Those delicious snack boxes as mentioned above will be a sure hit with your vegan man too!


Perfume, Pure, Vegan, Perfect.


Fuss Free Vegan Cook Book- A Great Gift

Vegan Cookery Books are another great idea when gift buying.  I purposely did not choose the best seller as there is a good chance your friend will have it.  This one is a fantastic resource –  101 everyday comfort foods veganized, sounds good!  There are literally hundreds available on Amazon from everyday foods to vegan desserts – you might be in for a nice dinner after this buy!


Hand Crafted Gourmet Truffles,  what is not to love?

Perfect Gift! Vegan Truffles – shop here

You can never go wrong with chocolates!  These gourmet truffles are just one of a very large range of tempting and totally gorgeous vegan chocolates and truffles.  Amazon have literally sackfuls of delightful chocolates, candies and snacks of every kind.  I don’t know one vegan that wouldn’t thank you for a bag of goodies or a box of decadence!   The vegan hamper below is packed with chips, chocolate, candy, bars, nuts all healthy, all vegan and all delicious.

Shop here: Vegan Snack Hamper Packed with Goodies
Doc Martens Vegan & Unisex! Shop here

Vegan shoes!  The link above is to the iconic classic Doc Marten’s but on Amazon alone you will find lots of styles and brands.  There are some really nice sneakers,  just put vegan shoes, sneakers or whatever style you are after in the search bar and you will amazed with the choice.  Handbags, satchels, luggage and belts are all catered for in the vegan ranges – just use the word vegan in your search term.