what not to buy a vegan

Help Buying Gifts for a Vegan

Buying for a vegan is not hard when you know how!

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What Do Vegans Avoid?

Here is a list of items that are best avoided when shopping for a vegan.

Food that contain meat, eggs, dairy and honey.  Lots of foods and confectionary contain gelatine so either get the magnifying glass out to read the ingredients or stick to brands identified and marketed as vegan.  Gummy, chewy confectionery almost always contain gelatine but you can get the vegan versions in selected stores and online.

Whey is another big one to be careful of – there are a lot of protein powders marketed as being super healthy and packed with fruit and veg but the protein powder itself most likely will have a whey base – milk derivative.  Protein powders have exploded unto the market recently and because they are not cheap – they tend to be on gift wish lists so remember make sure that if you are buying your vegan friend protein powder it is not dairy based.

Chocolate another go to gift remember is made with milk – so make sure you choose the vegan options as mentioned above.

Wine, yes wine!  It isn’t all grapes you know and pretty visions of vineyards!  That little voice in your head that says “Ah i will just grab a bottle of wine” just doesn’t cut it!   WHY?  –  during the filtration process the wine may go through egg whites or fish bladder – we are learning a lot here!


Skincare and Makeup. This is another area where you need to be vigilant.  Lanolin, beeswax and carmine are all to be avoided but are used frequently in skincare for moisturising properties and in makeup for colour (carmine).  Lanolin comes from sheep wool,  beeswax is self explanatory (found often in lipsticks and salves) but carmine also known as cochineal l – that bright red colour is made by drying, crushing and boiling beetles – not so glamorous after all!

If the skincare and makeup seem to be void of all the offending ingredients still bear in mind that animal testing may have taken place.  Any product made or even sold in China is tested on animals.  That law is being revised for foreign imports but that pretty much wiped off nearly every well known brand of the vegan forbidden list.  Look for cruelty and vegan free.  Check out the links above to Amazon that will make the minefield a lot simpler for you and quicker!

 Clothing. You know that lovely silk blouse that you thought would look lovely on Maisie,  well she mightn’t thank you.  Silk as you know is from silkworms so that’s out.  Then we have wool and leather and fur – so stay clear of fashion shopping with items that include these.

Accessories are another one to watch.  You know all those trendy leather bracelets,  necklaces and feathers,  feathers seem to be everywhere at the minute, dangling off earrings and pendants.   Handbags, purses and luggage,  watch out for the leather detail as in shoes.  You can get some absolutely fabulous accessories, travel bags and shoes that are all vegan – even Doc Martens or the trainers Meghan wore on her Australian tour I believe.

Items for the house surprise surprise might not pass the vegan veto.  Bone china would you believe traditional was exactly that,  BONE china.  It was made and still is in some instances with bone ash!  I have to admit that was one I only discovered recently – some times things are so obvious that you miss them!   Steer away from the duck and goose duvets and anything else stuffed with feathers.  Candles too are another item that you need to be aware of – most are made with beeswax so look for the soy candles and always go with a cotton wick for health reasons.

Can Vegans Use Perfume?

Now I know if you are not a vegan,  you’re head could be spinning at the moment and with so many new vegans recently still trying to find their way through this maze  – you are probably now as well informed.   New vegans are finding out new things everyday like their favourite perfume is not vegan – it is very frustrating.  You would be hard pressed to find a high end perfume brand that is cruelty free and vegan.  Have a look at these ingredients commonly found inside those pretty little bottles.

Some of the forbidden surprising ingredients include  lanolin, castoreum, deer musk, cat musk, ambergris, and .   On the list of ingredients these might simply be referred to as fragrance!

I will go into detail on these ingredients – just so you know!

Ambergris is produced in the intestines of sperm whales and can be found floating in the sea.

Castoreum is a by product made by beavers. It is a substance produced in sacs between their genitals and their anus  Beavers use this to grease their fur and mark their territory.

Civet is produced by a breed of cat found in Asia and Africa.  That’s the musky scent in your favourite perfume or aftershave!  The cat mixes it with urine to mark their territory.

Hyraceum – It’s a double whammy here!  This is the faeces and urine in a solid mix!  It comes from the Cape Hyrax – it is also known as African Stone.

Kasturi is used as a fixative in perfume.  It come from a deer breed in certain areas of Asia. The ingredient is sourced from a gland located between it’s back and rectum.  The gland is removed, dried and then ready as a fixative for the perfume industry.

Musk is one that you have most likely come across but after learning where it was from my illusions were shattered.  It actually comes from a few different sources including  beavers, civets, Moschidea deer, Muscrat, ducks, turtles, alligators, crocodiles, and snakes.   Depending on the source it will be extracted from the mouth or the anal gland.

Lanolin is oil derived from sheep wool and very commonly found in moisturising products, lipsticks and balms.

You certainly do not have to be a vegan to be appalled at what you may be possibly wearing!  You know,  the little spritz for that little je ne sais quoi  well now you do know!

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