Herb Growing for Health Benefits


Herbs are packed with medicinal properties that are beneficial for a host of ailments.   Every kitchen window should have the basics, they are so easy to grow.  if I can do it, believe me anyone can!  There is nothing more satisfying as plucking a few leaves from your own window box to add to your cooking knowing the added health benefits.    For me this is a real satisfaction and I know it will be for you too!

What are herbs good for?

Herbs have been used for years to aid different health issues and for a very good reason.  Here are just a few of the most common herbs and their benefits.

    • ANISE  Digestive health and fights coughs and colds.
    • BASIL  Digestive health and nervous system
    • BORAGE  Helpful for the mind and irritated tissues. ( Not be used if liver problems are present)  Externally useful as a poultice.
    • CARAWAY  Digestive health and appetite improving.
    • SAGE  Digestive and nerve tonic.
    • GERMAN CAMOMILE  Helps with relaxation and sleep
    • CHERVIL  Blood Purifier,  lowers blood pressure and digestive aid.
    • CORIANDER/ CILANTRO  Antioxidant, anxiety relief, insomnia, diabetes.
    • DILL  Colic, Period pain, gripe, cold and coughs, bad breath.
    • FENNEL  Digestive system,  kidney stones, cystitis (Extracted oil NOT to be given to pregnant women).
    • HYSSOP.. Highly regarded as a cure all,  expectorant and tummy tonic.
    • LEMON, MINT  Repels mosquitoes when rubbed directly onto the skin.  Oil infused for skin soothing.
    • OREGANO ITALIAN  Used by Hippocrates as an antiseptic.  Works well on stomach and respiratory conditions.
    • FLAT LEAF PARSLEY  Diuretic ridding body of stones,  treats drop
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      sy, cystitis, jaundice.  Detoxes via urine benefiting rheumatism.

    • CAYENNE PEPPER  High Blood Pressure,  artery health helping to rid bad LDL, Cholesterol and triglycerides.  Helps muscle cramps, allergies, healing and energy booster.
    • RUE  Eye Health,  reduces capillary fragility strengthening eyes.
    • SUMMER SAVORY  Great for sore throats and tea infusions for a boost.
    • THYME  Historically used before antibiotics,  effective on fungus that infects the toenails.
    • WORMWOOD  Used a tonic on the liver, gallbladder and digestive system. (NOT suitable for small children and pregnant women.)
    • YARROW  Beneficial in treatment of wounds, helping to stop blood flow, colds and menstrual pain.




Don’t you just to love to read about SUPER HERBS or SUPER FOODS or SUPER ANYTHING that has absolutely POWERFUL SUPER ANTI AGING properties – I know I do!  The new kid on the SUPER HERO block is ASHITABA.


Healing Herb Plants to buy, Korean medicinal plant
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Ashitaba is a native Japanese herb that is being hailed for it’s fantastic anti ageing properties.  You may come across it as Kenso, Angelica keiskei koidzumi or Tomorrow’s leaf.   It is part of the carrot family and has been used traditionally in Japan in herbal medicine.  The Ancient Japanese warriors would eat this for it’s life longevity benefits and it looks like the were on to something!  Science has recently been able to prove the potency of Ashitaba and been able to ascertain exactly how it promotes good health.  The university of Graz found a compound in the plant that induces a process in Ashitaba known as autophagy.

What is autophagy and why do I need to get excited?

Basically autophagy is instrumental in cleansing and eliminating at a cellular level,  detoxifying the body.  This has enormous health impacts on the body as when the cells are cleansed – the body can easily maintain it’s health helping to eliminate damage that could result in adverse health implications such as cancer.

It is has potent anti ageing advantages too- internally and eternally.  The compound was shown to slow cell ageing which is fantastic news!

Obviously the long term effects are not known yet but the research suggests that this is one herb that we all need to add to our windowsill pharmacy.

It is claimed other properties within the herb help fight cancer, lower blood sugar and thin blood.

It is packed with B vitamins, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and beta-carotene.

I will be adding this to my collection on the window sill.  It is available on Amazon- the image link above will take you to the ORGANIC option.